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Vocabulary for "The Alchemist"Title

Vocabulary List 3 (due Wednesday 10/5)

contemplate (v): to observe/think with careful consideration

agitated (adj): to be disturbed

scarab (n): a sacred beetle (Egyptian mythology)

sirocco (n): a hot, dry, African wind

fixedly (adv): unchanging, concentrated

scabbard (n): sheath/holder for a blade

conspire (v): work together, usually secretively


Vocabulary List 2 (due Monday 10/3)

scimitar (n): a long, curved, one-edged sword, usually of eastern origin

flourish (v): 1. to thrive, 2. to swing dramatically

recount (v): to relate in detail

disciple (n): a follower of a certain person or belief

avid (adj): eager, entheusiastic

infidel (n): a person who disbelieves/doubts a certain belief

tether (v): to fasten or confine, as with a rope

elixer (n): a medicinal or magical liquid or potion



Vocabulary List 1 (due Wednesday 9/14)

monotony (n): wearisome uniformity, lack of variety

centurion (n): commander in the Roman army (commands 100 men)

brandish (v): to shake or wave (as with a weapon), flourish

dialect (v): variety of language distinguished from other varieties of the same language by grammar, vocabulary, geography or social status

prognostication (n): prediction, forecast

alchemy (n): form of chemistry or speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and primarily experimented with changing the properties of matter (Main goals: elixer of life, universal solvent, turning base metal into gold)

treasonous (adj): involving betrayal, traitorous

sacristy (n): apartment/building connected witha church or religious house in which sacred vessels, vestments etc. are kept